We have re-launched!

August 27, 2015

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As alumni of Quintessentially’s most elite team we have a wealth of experience looking after busy, successful people around the World. With a shared network that covers most of the globe our highly personalised tag-team approach means we can open the most exclusive of doors for our clients.

Erin has worked as a fixer for over 10 years looking after some of the most influential people in the world for brands like MTV, Bacardi and Quintessentially. Her exceptional creativity means she can inspire her clients with unique and wonderful lifestyle ideas, actualising them through a lovingly nurtured global contact book.

Stephanie started her career working for London’s top real estate agency. Wanderlust led her to live in Canada, Monaco, Australia and Hong Kong before spending 5 years in Dubai as Director of Sales for Quintessentially.  She moved back to London recently with a bulging black book of connections across the Middle East and Asia. Having worked collaboratively for a number of years and with a shared network that covers the globe, it was the natural time for Erin and Stephanie to join forces.




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