No one can do what Erin can do, no one. Her knowledge and access is undeniable and unmatched, she has saved my life many, many times.
Holly [PA to Oscar Winning Actress]

The super-fixers you should have on speed-dial
GQ Magazine

Thank you so much for arranging for us to meet the band. It was a memory we will never forget.
Sarah [Mother]

Erin is a goddess of holiday planning and made our trip to Ibiza an unforgettable experience. So thank you Erin, you are a true Concierge Queen!
Katia & John [Private Equity/Property Investment]

A woman who can
Sunday Times Style

Erin is the real deal. A fixer who not only gets the impossible done, but does it calmly and with passion
Joshua Gardener (PA)

All of our friends raved about you: ”so great to work with”, “Erin takes care of everything!” You were wonderful at coordinating many different schedules and accommodating the needs of all of the guests for this large party.
Jeff Dishner (CEO Starwood)

London’s concierge queen
GQ Magazine

THANK YOU for a truly amazing stay in Ibiza. You created a perfect mix of luxury, wellness and debauchery. Not a detail was neglected
Ginge Cabrera (Philanthropist)