Su-man – the Holy Grail of beauty treatments

August 6, 2014

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Su-man is tiny and beautiful with glowing skin – when she tells me her age I am speechless as she looks at least twenty years younger. I’m sold – she can do whatever she wants to me! For the next hour she steams, cleanses, massages, tones and moisturises my skin. The treatment is a true hybrid based around deep shiatsu style massage on my face and all the areas that create tension in my face – jaw, ears, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. She works deeply and intuitively and it feels soooo wonderful.

Su-man’s story is inspirational because it’s an evolution – she was a professional dancer and then a dance coach for actors and actresses learning film roles. Her fascination with the human body and touch led her to train in Pilates & Shiatsu which she then applied to the face combining it with Oriental facial massage. She has a profound love and deep understanding of skin care originating from her native Taiwan. She calls her treatment a ‘non-invasive alternative to botox’ and encourages her clients to grow old gracefully and massage their own skin to help it re-awaken.  Su-man’s clients include A-list celebrities including Oscar winning actors, Hollywood producers and best selling novelists. Devotees include Juliette Binoche, Joely Richardson and Anne Hathaway. Here are some testimonials: “A life-changing experience” Anne Hathaway “Su-man uses these techniques bringing muscles to life – a sort of Pilates for the face. Very lucky is the person who can experience a treatment in her hands.” Joely Richardson

The treatment made my skin tight, nourished and glowing and left me feeling invigorated and peaceful at the same time –  the kind of effect you get from a month’s detox holiday.


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