Soho Farmhouse

September 19, 2015


I am just back from a wild weekend at Soho Farmhouse celebrating the 40th of my naughtiest friend. This place is THE DREAM. With a bustling inner courtyard comprising of indoor and outdoor dining areas, a mezzanine and several bars (including a 24 hour one) it can feel like a spacious, clean version of Central London. It can also feel like the countriest of country retreats with horse riding, bikes and walks in the green. We stayed in the main house which was absolutely beautiful but otherwise there are Swedish minimalist style wooden chalets with the coolest and cosiest insides dotting the grounds and a specially made river snaking past each one so you can enjoy a glass of wine on your terrace with water views. The spa has used the Babbington trick of indoor to outdoor pool so we were able to swim in warm water whilst it rained on our faces.

Food 10/10, Service 10/10, D├ęcor 10/10, Comfort 10/10, Activities 10/10. Ladies & Gentlemen I think we have a winner.


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