I love Louka

July 27, 2014


Louka Leppard is the founder of Tulamassage & Tulayoga and I am going crazy over this treatment. Initially this is a very deep massage paying attention to acupressure points where Louka synchronises his movements with classical music. There is a deep level of consciousness and genuine love in Louka’s touch. After 90 minutes Louka asks me to stand up for the Tulayoga part and I am imagining something quite acrobatic requiring an effort on my part. He lies on the floor and places his feet on my back and he holds my hands – he asks me to trust him and to let myself fall back. I do and instantly feel totally supported hanging upside down.

He guides me through a series of graceful supported postures and I am literally weightless, floating, pushed, pulled and stretched through the air. It feels like a complicated dance where I am led without having to do anything. I keep my eyes closed and lose all perception of which direction I am facing. There is nothing to think about and nothing to do except hang out so I enter deep relaxation. The best thing is Louka’s feet are placed on my femoral arteries at the top of each thigh to stop the blood from rushing to my head so I can stay upside down totally comfortably. After I am eased back to the ground I lie there unable to get up, feeling a deep sense of joy and calm. I would go so far as to say that this is the best bodywork session I have ever had.



My Ibiza favourites in Elle

July 21, 2014



Some of my other favourite things about Ibiza (aside from the magical energy, amazing weather, long evenings, wonderful people and stunning scenery.)
Formentera – I day dream about living here someday. I love popping over from Ibiza on a sail boat for lunch at Tiberon on Illetes Beach (a short swim from the boat.) http://www.tiburon-formentera.com/
Fish Shack – the loveliest place to go after a day out on a boat for good simple food. You can sit there all sea crinkled and happy with no shoes and no one even looks twice at you. Reminds me of being in the Caribbean.
Ibiza Delivers – my husband’s company that he co-owns with our friends David & Lily. You are on holiday so forget the supermarket, leave it to them. They can deliver pretty much any variety of food or drink to your villa or yacht (one megastar ordered Haribo sweets and turkey bacon!) Try the Made in Provence rosé – it is seriously delicious and has a fluorescent pink cork. http://www.ibizadelivers.com/
La Bodega – the best tapas on Ibiza – right in the middle of Ibiza town so you can watch the World go by. I love wandering the streets of the Old Town after dinner having a look in the boutiques. http://www.labodegaibiza.es/

Sunday Times Style shoot & Watsu water treatment at Akasha Spa

May 17, 2014


For the Sunday Times Style shoot I was lucky to spend the day at the beautiful subterranean oasis Akasha Spa, part of the Cafe Royal Hotel situated underneath bustling Piccadilly Circus. The surprisingly vast Spa was designed by Sir David Copperfield and is spread over 12,000 sqm. It is truly tranquil space with an 18 metre Swimming Pool, dedicated Watsu Pool, private Hamman, Steam-Room, Sauna, Vichy treatment room and menu of holistic treatments. Akasha is the only Spa in London with a Watsu Pool – an exclusive treatment space dedicated to water therapy. Your body is continuously supported in the water whilst you are floated, cradled, rocked and stretched. http://www.hotelcaferoyal.com/spa-and-gym/

Happy to be featured in Sunday Times Style

May 6, 2014

Style 2


An article about how successful people are turning to Wellbeing & Spirituality facilitated by me.


The sun came out for a Springtime yoga retreat

April 8, 2014


This truly was the first weekend of Spring, the daffodils were out, the sun was shining and we were treated to a beautiful full-moon creating the perfect backdrop for a weekend of Yoga at Wasing Park with Jax May http://www.formenterayoga.com/, embodiment massage by Anwar Ravjani www.embodimentworks.co.uk , woodland walks, delicious healthy food and lots of sleep. Even the escaped herd of cows (and bulls!) were relaxed.  Please email info@erinknowles.co.uk to be the first to know about our next retreat.

Transformational Breath

March 27, 2014


“Breathing easily and fully is one of the basic pleasures of being alive.”
Dr Alexander Lowen 1910 – 2008

This is an article written by my dear friend the intrepid Traveller, Writer, Photographer and PR Guru Louis De Rohan about an equally inspirational man called Alan Dolan aka ‘The Breath Guru’. I am a huge fan of this Breath technique – it’s a game changer.


Recommending Roka

March 4, 2014
 photo (4)
After trying almost everything on the menu I can safely say that you must try the new Roka Mayfair. 10 years after the opening of the original Roka on Charlotte St (I hear so many people say this is their favourite restaurant in London), Roka Mayfair http://www.rokarestaurant.com/ has opened this week on South Audley St and rumour has it there will be a third opening in Aldwych later this year. So.. what to eat? The soft shell crab with roasted chilli dressing, the giant tiger prawns with arima sancho pepper, the yellowtail sashimi with yuzu truffle dressing, the black cod marinated in yuzu miso and the dessert platter.  Oh and the Lipstick Rose cocktail with rose petal vodka. That’s it. Enjoy.

You can swim with elephants

March 4, 2014
I am just back from my belated honeymoon on Havelock Island, part of the Andaman Archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. These beautiful, mysterious, islands are home to indigenous tribes some of whom have maintained complete isolation from the outside World. Due to their inaccessibility they were untouched by tourism until recent years and even now the number of tourists who can visit is limited. The result is an unspoiled paradise bursting full of exotic creatures and ancient forests with smiling, welcoming locals.
The long boat journey from India meant that this was the perfect location for the British to set up a penal prison here during Colonial rule where they mainly imprisoned India Freedom Fighters  (I have to say I was ashamed to be British when reading the local books about this) and later the islands were occupied by the Japanese. Now it’s a flight from Chennai on the East coast of India into Andaman’s Port Blair and a boat ride from there.
We stayed at Barefoot Resort http://www.barefoot-andaman.com/ in a beautiful wooden cottage in the jungle set just back from beach no. 7 (voted the best beach in Asia by readers of Time magazine.) Each morning we were woken by the tweeting of birds and the giant resident lizard living on our roof. We spent long lazy days swimming and snorkelling in the crystal clear bath warm seas and gorging on local seafood. The wooden club house at Barefoot comes to life each evening with guests arriving back from diving trips and settling in to enjoy the delicious cocktails mixed up by the resident bar tender who looks like an Punjabi Prince.
And just to set the record straight, the only ‘swimming elephant’ on Havelock Island is called Rajan and he’s very old and doesn’t really like swimming anymore. There is limited phone service at Barefoot and it was impossible to download emails so our holiday was just what it was meant to be – a holiday! And it was bliss. It always makes my heart soar flying back into my home city after being away and the sun was out to welcome us home. Thank you Lara @ www.varleylondon.com for the stunning bikinis and Miranda @ www.originaltravel.co.uk for the organising our trip.