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An evening with the Breath Guru at Soho House

February 8, 2016

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A roaring success – Alan Dolan aka The Breath Guru gave a talk at High Road House followed by a live ‘breathe’ which took the guests to some interesting places. One guest said “really enjoyed the session, slept like a baby and it got me back on track and focussed”.

The Ivy Kensington Brasserie – a break from my detox

February 8, 2016


The Ivy is one of my old school faves so I was itching to try their new brasserie on High Street Kensington. I can report back that the steak tartare, lobster with butter sauce (and french fries) and black forest gateaux are all world class! A lovely spot. And now back to the detox.

The Russian Dance of the Leaves treatment at SKC

February 8, 2016

Russian Leaves

I was treated recently to a spoiling Sunday trip to the Bathhouse at South Kensington Club. Here my husband and I were told to lie face down in the banya (sauna) where some lovely Russian men (called banchiks) lightly beat us with oak leaves. Whilst this is happening the temperature gradually increases and the movement of the leaves creates lovely eucalyptus scented puffs up and down the body. From there it’s a plunge into an icy barrel and then feet up to soak up the atmosphere in the pristine new Bathhouse (spotted a nice looking young man who my husband informs me is a Made in Chelsea actor.) We felt simply amazing all week after this 15 minute long treatment. Thank you to the lades at Wickerwood for the invite.


Sexy Fish

November 12, 2015

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All hail the new Sexy Fish – the coolest restaurant in town with the best name. This large New York style restaurant on Berkeley Square has Richard Caring’s elegant stamp. The food is Scotts gone Asian – try the tuna tartar with truffle, the hand dived scallops and the whole red mullet (the largest portion I’ve ever seen in Mayfair.) The friendly, professional team is headed up by the dashing Paul Murashe (formerly Nobu Berkeley.) For private dining try their downstairs room which has the two largest fresh water aquariums in Europe with new fish species introduced each week. A world class restaurant.

Soho Farmhouse

September 19, 2015


I am just back from a wild weekend at Soho Farmhouse celebrating the 40th of my naughtiest friend. This place is THE DREAM. With a bustling inner courtyard comprising of indoor and outdoor dining areas, a mezzanine and several bars (including a 24 hour one) it can feel like a spacious, clean version of Central London. It can also feel like the countriest of country retreats with horse riding, bikes and walks in the green. We stayed in the main house which was absolutely beautiful but otherwise there are Swedish minimalist style wooden chalets with the coolest and cosiest insides dotting the grounds and a specially made river snaking past each one so you can enjoy a glass of wine on your terrace with water views. The spa has used the Babbington trick of indoor to outdoor pool so we were able to swim in warm water whilst it rained on our faces.

Food 10/10, Service 10/10, Décor 10/10, Comfort 10/10, Activities 10/10. Ladies & Gentlemen I think we have a winner.

We have re-launched!

August 27, 2015

erin logo

As alumni of Quintessentially’s most elite team we have a wealth of experience looking after busy, successful people around the World. With a shared network that covers most of the globe our highly personalised tag-team approach means we can open the most exclusive of doors for our clients.

Erin has worked as a fixer for over 10 years looking after some of the most influential people in the world for brands like MTV, Bacardi and Quintessentially. Her exceptional creativity means she can inspire her clients with unique and wonderful lifestyle ideas, actualising them through a lovingly nurtured global contact book.

Stephanie started her career working for London’s top real estate agency. Wanderlust led her to live in Canada, Monaco, Australia and Hong Kong before spending 5 years in Dubai as Director of Sales for Quintessentially.  She moved back to London recently with a bulging black book of connections across the Middle East and Asia. Having worked collaboratively for a number of years and with a shared network that covers the globe, it was the natural time for Erin and Stephanie to join forces.



Sunday Brunch at Coya

August 27, 2015




I am totally in love with the live Sunday brunch at Coya. A beautiful celebration of Peruvian cuisine with multiple sharing courses and limitless champagne! We were served a vibrant and delicious line-up of pisco sours to start followed by assorted ceviches (salmon, sea-bass and tuna), mini crab tacos, slow cooked lamb, fish risotto, quinoa salad, grilled corn on the cob with chilli lime butter and a dessert platter. Brunch is hosted in beautifully dilapidated upstairs members dining room with a live DJ.


40,000 year old healing techniques with The Shaman in Stilettos

July 14, 2015

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We invited Shaman Anna Hunt to talk at an evening we co-hosted with Amanda Wakeley at her new Albermarle Street store. Anna’s memoir ‘The Shaman in Stilettos’ tells the story of her life journey from London newspaper hack to Peru on stress induced sabbatical. On her travels Anna met the mysterious Master Shaman Maximo Morales who inspired her to spend the last 10 years training as a Shaman.

Anna uses the ancient healing traditions of Shamanism to bring us back to our ultimate connection with nature and life. Something us Londoners could all do with.

I admit at first I was skeptical but having worked with Anna on numerous occasions I can wholeheartedly vouch for her brilliance. She doesn’t do mumbo jumbo, a Cambridge grad through and through she is no nonsense in her approach. Each time I see her (which is about once a year) I go back into the World bolder, stronger, clearer and more me-like.

Su-man – the Holy Grail of beauty treatments

August 6, 2014

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Su-man is tiny and beautiful with glowing skin – when she tells me her age I am speechless as she looks at least twenty years younger. I’m sold – she can do whatever she wants to me! For the next hour she steams, cleanses, massages, tones and moisturises my skin. The treatment is a true hybrid based around deep shiatsu style massage on my face and all the areas that create tension in my face – jaw, ears, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. She works deeply and intuitively and it feels soooo wonderful.

Su-man’s story is inspirational because it’s an evolution – she was a professional dancer and then a dance coach for actors and actresses learning film roles. Her fascination with the human body and touch led her to train in Pilates & Shiatsu which she then applied to the face combining it with Oriental facial massage. She has a profound love and deep understanding of skin care originating from her native Taiwan. She calls her treatment a ‘non-invasive alternative to botox’ and encourages her clients to grow old gracefully and massage their own skin to help it re-awaken.  Su-man’s clients include A-list celebrities including Oscar winning actors, Hollywood producers and best selling novelists. Devotees include Juliette Binoche, Joely Richardson and Anne Hathaway. Here are some testimonials: “A life-changing experience” Anne Hathaway “Su-man uses these techniques bringing muscles to life – a sort of Pilates for the face. Very lucky is the person who can experience a treatment in her hands.” Joely Richardson

The treatment made my skin tight, nourished and glowing and left me feeling invigorated and peaceful at the same time –  the kind of effect you get from a month’s detox holiday.